1. RED’s typical hyper-aggressive product design makes for an interesting-looking phone.
    07 Jul, 2017
    RED teases a modular, $1600 titanium Android phone with a 3D screen
    RED, the ultra high-end camera company with a flair for dramatic product designs, has announced an Android smartphone called the "RED Hydrogen." The press release is very light on details and written in RED's typical maximum-hype style, declaring that phone "shatters the mold of conventional thinking" and "features nanotechnology." There are a few details we can try to translate into English, though. First up, I'm not even quite sure what the phone's official name is. The website calls it the
  2. Hackers Could Tap EEGs, Observe Brainwaves To Steal Passwords
    07 Jul, 2017
    Hackers Could Tap EEGs, Observe Brainwaves To Steal Passwords
    Hackers could tap into your brainwaves to steal sensitive passwords, warn researchers at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. A new study suggests EEG headsets, the set of electrodes that records brain activity, are hackable. By observing a person's brainwaves as they surf the internet, hackers could glean neural patterns and successfully guess a user's password. Though EEG headsets are mostly used in research, there are now several models on the open market, mostly advertised to video and



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